ZettaMu was restored, all characters, items, reset has deleted, how you can see in last times we lost much players because in item shop has been bug and players use it to get full option items for free, many players lost interest to play for that reason. Now we fix all website bugs, we have new, latest version of website, we have new, interesting features (Exchange Online Hours, Shop Cart System, Updated Referral System, Updated Skill Tree Reset System, New Warehouse System and much more updates)

Also, all players who donate in us, to buy credits, will get back credits, you only need contact with us in skype: j.guura (send us used payment system, account name, server where you buy credits and server where need add credits)

It's not all, will be opened forum, where players can talk about ZettaMu, recommend ideas, report for problems, read guides etc. This time we will need a good Game Master,Moderator team, if you think that you are an active ZettaMu Player with good experience in Moderator status,  want to help us watch for game, make it more interesting for all players and you have free time, you can apply to Game Master, Moderator Status. Write your GM/MOD applications to skype: j.guura (we will consider all applications)

EASY (x1000) Server Grand Opening 24. October 19:00

MEDIUM (x200) Server Grand Opening 31. October 19:00


  • Season 6 Episode 3
  • Max Stats: 32767
  • Points Per Level: 5/7/7 (Stats Clear After Reset)
  • Reset Bonuses
  • Grand Reset System
  • Referral System (Invite Friends to Play and Get Credits)
  • Exchange Online Hours System
  • Cash Shop System in Game Work
  • Market System (Buy, Sell items Using Credits, Zen)
  • New Shop Cart System
  • Vote and Get Reward System
  • Includet Auto Clicker in Game
  • Unical Website Features
  • Interesting Game and Game Master Events
  • And Much More... Enjoy

If you have old ZettaMu Client , you don't need new client , you can play with old, all old account are saved, you can play with your old accout in all worlds.

Remember, if you buy credits before wipe, contact with us in skype: j.guura and we will return your credits.(Have any questions? You can talk with us in skype)

Posted 21 / 10 / 2014

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